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Chemistry of Natural Products
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About our group

The group’s interests focus to a large extent on the total synthesis of natural products and their biological investigation. We are interested on one hand in establishment and confirmation of the structures of natural products, on the other hand innovative approaches to access them in reasonable amounts for biological investigations are pursued. The interest spans from complex indole and bridged diketopiperazine alkaloids via terpenoid and steroid natural products to lipid metabolites, such as autoxidatively formed prostanes or pheromones, which are important for signaling pathways in humans, plants or insects, respectively. The group provides expertise in selected medicinal chemistry topics using bioinspired synthetic approaches. An equally important part is curiosity-driven research, where we are exploring new pathways in transition metal catalysis using unconventional ligand architectures, photochemistry and -catalysis, radical reactions, the chemistry of reactive intermediates, and electron transfer chemistry.

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